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Here at El Paso Appliance Repair, we offer expert professional repair, maintenance, & installation
services to ensure that your family is always supplied with a constant and efficient flow of hot water. Whether you have an old or broken water heater that needs repair, or you simply want to upgrade to a better unit, the technicians at El Pao Appliance can get the job done.

El Paso's Experts on Hot Water Services

Water Heater Installation- EP Appliance Repair can have you heating up again in less than 2 hours on most installations! If your water heater has gone out we can get you a price and having you going again in no time.

Instant Hot Water & Tankless systems ‐ Waiting for hot water can be annoying and a waste of water. EP Appliance Repair experts can ensure that hot water arrives to your taps instantly so you don't have to wait. The best part is we can do this without breaking any walls, adding more piping, and at a fraction of the cost you may expect.

Water Filters ‐ Your family can save thousands of dollars by drinking tap water instead of bottled water. EP Appliance Repair. El Paso Appliance Repair can make sure that the drinking water in your home is healthier and tastes better.

So call us today to schedule your hot water heater estimate! (915)600-3304